Friday, October 9, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Paragon Machine Works, Timbuk2, Wisecrackers

Richmond, California-based maker of exceptional frame building components, Paragon Machine Works, doesn't just support the Sweep. They donate 100% of all revenues from their bottle opener and promotional item sales to "non-profit organizations that promote bicycle safety, awareness, and community." Last month, they raised $700 to benefit Friends of China Camp (FOCC). And in October, they're pitching in to assist the Friends of Tamarancho finish a new trail at Camp Tamarancho in Fairfax, CA. So if you can't wait to win some of their sweet swag at the Sweep, support their other charitable efforts and shop online!

Five fortunate Sweepers will have the chance to win a custom Timbuk2 bag this year! Thanks again to this wonderful San Francisco company for supporting us with such great prizes. Be sure to stop into one of their stores or authorized resellers to start brainstorming designs and colors...

"Because Beer Can't Open Itself." Wise words from WiseCracker, the maker of the best bike-mounted bottle openers that money can buy. The Ahrens Brothers have been supporting us for years and previous Sweep champs proudly use these customized WiseCrackers that feature our logo. And this year we've also got a cool hat to give away as well some unique white WiseCrackers!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Bay Area Bike Share, Chinook Book and Sports Basement

Have you tried the Bay Area Bike Share yet? They're growing their network beyond San Francisco, so if you haven't -- hopefully you'll win one of four day passes to take one of their blue bikes for a spin!

Who doesn't love coupons! Emeryville's Chinook Book gave us a huge box to giveaway to Sweepers, so you'll have a chance to receive a year's worth of coupons if you participate.

The Sports Basement has helped the Sweep in so many ways over the years -- including hosting last year's after party at their Bryant Street location. Two lucky folks will win one of their $25 Basement Bucks to redeem at any of their six stores!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Returning Sponsor Spotlight: Alite, Orqo, MonkeyLight and Missing Link

These four Bay Area companies have generously supported the Sweep over the years and we're a fan of their fantastic products!

San Francisco's Alite Designs has expanded their business; they've now got a brick-and-mortar shop in the Mission where you can pop in personally. (But you can always order their nifty outdoor goods online.) They've donated two cute Cub Packs and an Excelsior daypack from Boreas. 

We recently paid a visit to Berkeley-based Monkeylectric, where they showed off one of their cool new innovations. Their bike wheel lights will illuminate your night rides, especially if you win one of their M232 kits!

We love Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative, a Berkeley-based bike shop that's owned and managed by a group of awesome cyclists. You might win one of their (4) sweet cycling caps embroidered with their logo (made by alloneword, a previous Sweep sponsor) or a t-shirt!

As the cooler weather approaches, you'll want some warm wooly goods to keep you comfortable on your ride. Orqo Adventure Apparel's arm warmers, made from 100% Merino wool, will do the job quite well. If you can't wait to win one of two sets (or a stylish caps), they're currently having an online sale!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Here's a Preview of One of Our Posters...

Here's What You Should Know About This Year's TEAM Category For the Sweep!

Back in 2009, at our 4th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep, Jeremiah Ducate hauled in a staggering 962 pounds of food (which I believe is still the overall record for the CARGO category!)

Here's his winning tally, minus the weight of the bin. 

These tan plastic bins that are provided by the SF & Marin Food Bank hold a lot of food so the challenge for our new TEAM category is to fill as many as possible! Each bin is approximately 3.5' x 3.5' and 3' deep -- so the team that fills it up with the most amount of food (by weight) will win! The rules are similar to the CARGO category:

  • Each team will be given one manifest, or shopping list, for your entire team that will be handed to you at the start of the race. You can have up to 5 members on your team and you must buy the minimum items specified on the list. (Example: Buy (5) cans of food from 'Name of Store', 'Address'.) We will give you the addresses for the stores, but it's up to you to look them up on your map or smartphone. Part of the challenge is creating the most efficient route to go shopping! And you MUST have receipts for these items. 
  • Once you've bought these items, bring in as much additional food as you can to the finish (SF & Marin Food Bank, 900 Pennsylvania Avenue). You can obtain this food anywhere and you do NOT need receipts. You can also purchase the additional food in larger quantities such as entire cases of canned goods and 50lb bags of rice or beans. No glass, no perishables.  
  • You are welcome to go back-and-forth from the stores and the SF & Marin Food Bank to make multiple trips. 
  • All teams MUST be back at the SF & Marin Food Bank by 4PM with their full group. Any teams without their entire group after the deadline will be disqualified. 
  • Pro-tip: previous winners have launched fundraising campaigns to pay for their shopping trip.
  • Electric bikes or other motor-assisted vehicles are not allowed -- you must use your own pedal power to finish!

SPECIAL NOTE: TEAMS must pre-register on EventBrite no later than Wednesday, December 9th. 

Check-in will begin at 10am on Sunday, December 13th. Just come to the Bow & Arrow. And post in the comments or in our Facebook invite if you have questions!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Start your Dollars for Dinners Team Today!

The SMSW is a cycling event, but we have another way for you to participate without a bike! Fundraise and win in our Dollars for Dinners competition. For every $1 you donate, the SF-Marin Food Bank can distribute $5 worth of food which is enough for 3 meals.

Click here to register your Dollars for Dinners Team. When you create your new page, be sure to select the Supermarket Street Sweep 10 campaign: