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Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Record Smashing Year Turned to 11 and Beyond!

This was the first year we at the San Francisco Cycling Club organized this event. We knew we had big shoes to fill, a lot to learn, and even less time to work with; we had our work cut out for us. But thanks to the strong foundation that Jenny Oh, Jonathan Koshi, and Kacey O'Kelly have built, as well as the support of the incredible community of racers, sponsors, and volunteers, we broke virtually every record! We were even lucky enough to have the weather on our side!

Blue skies for the 2016 event and oh what a turnout! Photo by Bret Lobree
Although we were prepared for rain with Ass Savers swag based on the history of Sweeps, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect, sun shining day for cycling. And the ridership showed! We had 151 racers* show up to the start of the race, and they brought in a whopping 15,329 pounds of food that equates to approximately 14,000 meals!

We more than doubled the number of participating teams this year! The eleven teams brought in 9,260 pounds of food, making up 60.4% of the total weight of food Sweepers contributed to this year's event!

Not only did we beat our previous fundraising record of $14,794, we exceeded our collective $15,000 goal! Everyone who participated in the Dollars for Dinners challenge helped to bring in $21,332. We also raised an additional $2,077 from the sale of beers and raffle tickets, bringing the grand monetary donation of this year's campaign to $23,409! Based on the funds and food raised this year, it's enough for the food bank to distribute 76,770 meals! 

I would like to extend a sincere thank you on behalf of SFCC to everyone who raced; contributed money online; and volunteered to help organize, promote, and run the show on race day. We wouldn't have been able to pull off this event without you and we are so very grateful.

Many thanks to our incredible sponsors who, despite the late notice, pulled together amazing prize donations. Thank you to Katy Mann and the SF-Marin Food Bank for allowing us to use their warehouse facility for the after party; Vive La Tarte, Bicycle Banh Mi, Fort Point Beer, Wholesome Bakery, and Curbside Creamery for providing nourishment before and after the race; the San Francisco Yellow Bike Project for providing on-site bike maintenance; and to Ass Savers and Chris McNally for collaborating on racer and volunteer swag that will keep people talking for years!

Last but certainly not least, thank you to Tom Hood and Jonathan Koshi for helping to co-organize this year's Sweep along with help from Mike Skalnik, Adam Shapiro, Chris Diaz, Kevin Ku, Shelby Vivit, Nuala Sawyer, and Kenneth Schwartzman.

We are also fortunate enough to have had TWO talented photographers capturing the special moments at the Sweep this year! Jonathan Koshi with his signature rider portraits that everyone knows and loves and SFCC member Kurt Brown who posted up at various spots throughout the day to get snaps like the one below (link to his album HERE).

Ryan Schaub (left) helps fellow No Yer Squad teammate Tim Hart (right) make a final push. Photo by Kurt Brown
To clarify for those wondering, having pasta as the only shopping item for speed racers at every store was a typo. But I think many of the speed racers appreciated the simplicity that the hiccup created!

Photo by Allison West
We are beyond moved by everyone's enthusiasm and support, and we can't wait to make next year even better!

The results!

1st Place: No Yer Squad (Matthew Wiebe, Ryan Schaub, Jake Perkins, Tim Hart, Naveen Molloy); 2,556 pounds
2nd Place: Purple Cobras (Alvin Chen, Greg, Rex, Arthur, Ronnie); 2,327 pounds
3rd Place: Carbio Taxi (Colin Sanders, Tatiana, Brett, Mimosa, Keith); 1,677 pounds
4th Place: Orange Don-uts (Jack Vu, Toma, Jennifer, Michael, Kimberly MacInnis); 925 pounds
5th Place: Non-Perishables (Mary Ann Jawili, Bobby Lu, Jason Countryman, Jeremy Coyle, Jessica McElroy); 538 pounds
Presidio Grad School (Frank Teng, Hannah, Devon, Udi, Phil); 484 pounds
John Means (John Means, Trafton, Nick); 465 pounds
Fat Christmas (Sara O'Hearn, Hazel Drake, Julietta, Michelle Riconscente); 118 pounds
Team Club (Andy Zinsser, Amalie Zinsser, Christine Kirkcaldy); 93 pounds
Calf Krampus (Renee Rodriguez, Mike); 50 pounds
Egg Nog (Pamela Ocampo, Liz); 27 pounds

1st Place: Simeral Family $7,901
SFCC Organizers (excluded from prize running): $4,382
2nd Place: Nelbrees for the Food Bank $2,158
3rd Place: Bridget's Best Team Ever! $2,122
Bravo Zulu $1,500
I got $5 on it. Adam's Fundraising Page $904
Frugal Rouleurs $575
Children of the Corn $500
The Non-Perishable Pedalers $315
mmmFood!! $50

1st Place: Jessica Jenkins; 318 pounds
2nd Place: Katrina Sostek; 63 pounds

1st Place: Carlos Corujo; 998 pounds
2nd Place: Jacob Seigel-Boettner; 770 pounds
3rd Place: Liam Casey; 585 pounds
4th Place: Bret Lobree; 305 pounds
5th Place: Sree T; 243 pounds
David G; 184 pounds
Bryce Neuman; 181 pounds
Sean Sevilla; 175 pounds
Max Davis; 152 pounds
Brad Simeral; 149 pounds
Dennis Lee; 63 pounds
Peter Yip; 49 pounds
Barry Grosfield; 38 pounds
Isaac Sb; 23 pounds

1st Place: Rachel Hsu, 300 points, 3:52PM
2nd Place: Caterina Liu, 300 points, 3:53PM
3rd Place: Ruth Levine, 300 points, 3:56PM
4th Place: Chava Kronenburg, 280 points, 3:33PM
5th Place: Veronika Volok, 280 points, 3:40PM
Robin Hunter, 260 points, 3:49PM
Nancy Sun, 260 points, 3:50PM
Sarah Carnahan, 260 points, 3:50PM
Marisa Mead, 260 points, 260 points, 3:50PM
Krista McDonald, 260 points, 3:51PM
Heather McKinnon, 240 points, 3:9PM
Jessica Chan, 210 points, 3:46PM
Caetie Ofiesh, 210 points, 3:46PM
Consuelo Ferreira, 210, 3:46PM
Anne Brask, 200 points, 3:55PM
Carly Grob, 200 points, 3:55PM
Rosamaria Cavalho, 180 points, 3:39PM
Galina Merzheritskaya, 170 points, 3:35PM
Mimi Torres, 160 points, 4:00PM
Alix Sorrell, 160 points
Lindy Patterson, 150 points, 3:45PM
Charlotte Hryse, 150 points, 3:18PM
Audrey Fan, 130 points, 3:55PM
Lauren Janicki, 130 points, 3:37PM
Anne Spalding, 130 points, 3:48PM

Kristal Caidoy, 50 points, 3:00PM

1st Place: Adam Shapiro, 330 points, 3:46PM
2nd Place: Louis Eisenberg, 320 points, 3:35PM
3rd Place: Loren O'Hara, 320 points, 3:35PM
4th Place: Zach Morvant, 310 points, 3:49PM* arrival time sorting error corrected, originally listed as 6th place
5th Place: Nathan Hurst, 310 points 3:52PM
Alan Schoen, 310 points, 3:53PM
Chris Prest, 300 points, 3:52PM
John Liu, 300 points, 3:53PM
Sam Newman, 300 points, 3:56PM
Jessie Fernandez, 290 points, 3:23PM
Mark Smethers, 290 points, 3:49PM
Andy Slopsema, 290 points, 3:50PM
Jim Whimpey, 290 points, 3:50PM
Ryan Spurlock, 290 points, 3:50PM
Mike Halby, 290 points, 3:50PM
Ethan Boyes, 280 points, 3:27PM
Eric Stocker, 280 points, 3:27PM
Rob Peters, 280 points, 3:33PM
Matthew Blain, 280 points, 3:33PM
Jeremy Steele, 280 points
Andras Nemeseri, 270 points, 3:40PM
Justin Rossi, 250 points, 3:9PM
Tom Coyston, 250 points, 3:23PM
John Kewin, 250 points, 3:24PM
Chris Phipps, 250 points, 3:52PM
Jan Weissenberger, 250 points, 3:52PM
Alexei Svensson, 240 points, 3:52PM
Kevin Ku, 230 points, 3:35PM
Erik "SEV" Kotkas, 230 points, 3:35PM
Nikki Whitefeather, 230 points, 3:36PM
Doug Streblow, 220 points, 3:45PM
Max Hill, 220 points, 3:46PM
David Hansen, 220 points, 3:46PM
Will Spangler, 220 points, 3:46PM
Fred Kreiner, 200 points, 3:37PM
Peter Tennessen, 200 points, 3:37PM
Jun Sunseri, 200 points, 3:38PM
John Perry, 200 points, 3:55PM
Andrew Perry, 200 points, 3:55PM
Oscar Preciado, 180 points, 3:01PM
Chris Barbara, 180 points, 3:39PM
Leonid Domnitser, 180 points, 4:00PM
Mike Kramer, 150 points, 3:33PM
Paul Kreiner, 150 points, 3:37PM
Matt Johnson, 150 points, 3:42PM
Tom Jenkins, 150 points, 3:50PM 
Tyler Elliot, 130 points, 3:55PM
Trevor Squier, 100 points, 2:03PM
Bremner Morris, 100 points, 2:03PM
Ben Seisdedos, 100 points, 3:19PM
Jason Randle, 70 points, 2:26PM
Sam Arroyo, 70 points, 2:27PM
Brian Toy, 70 points, 3:33PM
Dan Moskowitz, 70 points, 3:50PM
Ethan Bold, 70 points, 3:52PM
Calvin Hu, 50 points, 1:45PM
Eric G, 330 points, 4:09PM *no receipts, over time limit
Patrick Roche, 120 points, 4:21PM *over time limit

*A couple check in pages were missing from the originally stated 102 riders
**The cut off for prize consideration was at 12:00PM on 12/3/2016. Although the amounts have changed, as of this writing, the standings remain the same. The overall fundraising campaign is open to receive additional donations until Monday, 12/5/2016.