Monday, December 8, 2014

SMSW9 Rider Portraits

See the full set on Flickr.

Thanks again everyone for coming out and breaking records this year! Message me on flickr if you're interested in a print or a full resolution copy of your portrait. See you guys again next year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Congrats on Another Record-Breaking Year!

134 racers showed up yesterday to participate in this year's Supermarket Street Sweep! We were fortunate to have a short break in the rain, so riders were able to pedal off in the warm sunshine in search of groceries for the SF-Marin Food Bank

Thank you again for helping families in need in the Bay Area, and we're thrilled to announce that we beat last year's total for overall food hauled in by bicycle: 12,095 pounds of food! (Last year we brought in 10,615 with 149 racers.) So congrats to all of you for donating more than ever before. 

Also, thank you again to Sports Basement Bryant Street for hosting the after party and providing Sweepers with a 20% shopping discount; 21st Amendment Brewery (especially Dan, who served all of the beer) for providing refreshments; Xtracycle for providing a fantastic snack bar at the finish line and hosting a photo contest; all of the other sponsors who donated fantastic prizes this year (please see the full list on our home page sidebar); all of the volunteers who pitched in their generous time to help count groceries at the finish; and Kacey O'Kelly and Jonathan Koshi, my co-organizers, who work tirelessly with me for four months out of the year to put this event together. 



Note: The fundraising results announced at the after party were based on the standings at the time of the awards presentation; more money has since come in so the stats on the website may differ. We're just listing the winners, and not their totals here. But the money raised thus far (including beer money raised at the after party and corporate matching funds that will be coming in): $14,794! 

Brad Simeral - 1st Place
Tipping the Scales
Bravo Zulu
Adam Races the Street Sweep
Alvin Chen
Honorable Mention: Hercules Cycling Club / Arthur Corpuz


Bridget May: 254 pounds (4-time defending champion) - 1st Place
Michae Musick: 162 lbs.
Sacha Ielmorini: 124 lbs.
Jennifer Borchardt: 108 lbs.
May Woo: 93 lbs.


Sprocket Downing: 1745 pounds (former champion) - 1st Place
Brian Koss: 1029 lbs.
Kell McKenzie (WOB): 983 lbs.
Brad Simeral: 842 lbs.
Liam Casey: 823 lbs.


Laura Schniedwind: 180 pts. (3 hours, 49 minutes) - 1st Place
Jenn Chan: 170 pts. (3:41) - 2nd
Ulrika Andersson: 160 pts. (3:49) - 3rd
Rachel Hsu: 160 pts. (3:54) - 4th
Erin Durkee: 150 pts. (3:31) - 5th


Jan Weissenberger: 230 pts. (3 hours, 54 minutes) - 1st Place
Chris Phipps: 230 pts. (3:55)
Zach Morvant: 220 pts. (3:39)
Eric G.: 220 pts. (3:53)
Loren O'Hara / Louis Eisenberg (tie): 220 pts. (3:55)


Katie Styer: 150 pts. (3:57)
Shelby Vivit: 120 pts. (3:33)
Marna Romanoff: 110 pts. (3:51)
Eny: 110 pts. (3:58)
Katie J: 110 pts. (3:58)
Carly Grob: 100 pts (3:24)
Dian Xiao: 100 pts. (3:50)
Anne Brask: 90 pts. (3:24)
Rachel Johanson: 90 pts. (3:46)
Tracy Jacks: 80 pts. (3:18)
Erica Gulseth: 80 pts. (3:18)
Anna Merkoulovteh: 70 pts. (3:32)
Laura Stamp: 70 pts. (3:32)
Sally: 60 pts. (2:25)
Mimi Torres: 50 pts. (3:57)

Arena Reed: 80 lbs.
Liz B.: 63 
Kyrha Gutierrez: 43
Jess H.: 42 
Consuelo Ferreira: 30

Sean S.: 776 
Alvin: 422 
Peter Colijn: 337
Sreejigh: 205
Dave Vetrano: 127
Jack Vu: 119
Seth Sternglanz: 83
Chris Borjian: 67
Tanner SJFixed: 61
Justin J.: 58
Kevin Carroll: 47
Peter Yip: 46
Collin W: 46
Ron Twist: 39
Jeff Bruchez: 29
Neil Hebert: 23
Morgan Allen: 23
Joe Tennis: 22
Axel Downing: 22
Eric Downing: 22

Adam Shapiro: 220 pts. (3:56)
Jason Romero: 220 pts. (3:57)
Ryan Gerlach: 200 pts. (3:44)
David Archard: 200 pts. (4PM)
Kevin Cheng: 190 pts. (3:46)
Jon Moldover: 190 pts. (3:53)
Matthew Blain: 175 pts. (3:49)
Andreas Faass: 160 pts. (3:54)
Sam Newman: 160 pts. (3:55)
Dylan Barlow: 160 pts. (4PM)
Alan Schoen: 160 pts. (4PM)
David Dunlop: 150 pts. (3:32)
Nick Baran: 150 pts. (3:54)
Jeremiah Steele: 150 pts. (3:55)
Jessie F.: 150 pts. (3:06)
Paul Kreiner: 140 pts. (3:43)
Matt Vana: 140 pts. (3:53)
Harris F.: 130 pts. (3:54)
Jason Thorpe: 120 pts. (3PM)
Mack Fee: 120 pts. (3:30)
Mike Fee: 120 pts. (3:30)
Ian Morrison: 120 pts (3:32)
Tyler Elliott: 120 pts. (3:33)
Ryan LaBarre: 120 pts. (3:33)
Andras Nemeseki: 120 pts. (4PM)
Kenneth Ho: 110 pts. (3:51)
Ben M.: 110 pts. (3:58)
R. Kurtz: 110 pts. (3:58)
Oz Herrera-Sobul / Matt Redmond / Kasia Hayden: 100 pts. / (3:10)
Andrew P.: 100 pts. (3:23)
Michael Caruso: 100 pts. (3:23)
John Perry: 100 pts (3:23)
Sergio M.: 100 pts. (3:27)
Robbie: 100 pts. (3:50)
Taner Kipfer: 91 pts. (3:07)
Andrew Hall: 90 pts. (3:03)
Adam Anderson: 90 pts. (3:06)
Michael Hong: 90 pts. (3:07)
Jordan: 90 pts. (3:08)
Nathan Lee: 90 pts. (3:13)
William Hsu: 90 pts. (3:13)
William Spangler: 90 pts. (3:45)
Adam Luxenberg: 90 pts. (3:45)
Brian Lee: 90 pts. (3:49)
Missing Name: 85 pts. (3:18)
Benjamin Muddiman: 80 pts. (3:45)
David Hansen: 80 pts. (3:46)
Patrick Thurmer: 70 pts. (3:08)
Nikoh: 70 pts. (3:08)
Arthur Huang: 70 pts. (3:32)
Mark Hendrick: 70 pts. (3:32)
Max Hill: 70 pts. (3:45)
Brandon Trujillo: 50 pts. (1:25)
Peter Gorman: 50 pts. (2:35)
Sam A.: 50 pts. (2:35)
Brian Toy: 50 pts. (3:34)
Patrick Roche: 50 pts. (4)
Ukiah: 30 pts. (1:26)

Thanks again for coming out and next year is our big 10th Anniversary! So we hope to see you in December as we'll be cooking up some special stuff for that celebration. Check out our Instagram for photos, this special time-lapse video created by Shawn Hatfield -- and we'll be posting up rider portraits soon!

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Sweep Is Upon Us!

Hey Racers,

Feeling ready to haul lots of food on Saturday to the SF & Marin Food Bank? Here are some important details to help you get ready:

  • The race begins at the Cupid's Span sculpture (aka the "Bow & Arrow") on Folsom and Embarcadero. Day-of registration and check-in for pre-registered racers will start at 10:30AM. We'll be checking in those who have signed up on Eventbrite first. 
  • You'll receive your manifest at the start; it'll have the list of grocery stores and what you'll need to buy on it. Use this to help you shop and bring it back to the finish with receipts that show proof of purchase. The SPEED list will be on one side, the CARGO list on the other. If you have questions about these categories, read our FAQ
  • After a few announcements, we'll try and send off the racers by noon. The race finishes at the SF & Marin Food Bank at 900 Pennsylvania Avenue at 4PM SHARP. Racers who come in after 4PM will be disqualified. You'll check in with volunteers to drop off your manifests, receipts and food depending on which category you signed up for. There will be some snacks as well.
  • The after party will be held inside the parking garage of the Bryant Street location of Sports Basement. You can enter in from Florida Street. Also, Sweepers can receive a 20% discount on all purchases that day. Just tell the folks at the register you're with the Sweep to use it! 
  • 21st Amendment will providing free beer once again! Participants should show their spoke cards to get (2) free beers, then beers will be $1 after that. All proceeds go to the SF & Marin Food Bank. 
  • We'll try and get the awards ceremony going by 6-6:30PM once the results have been tallied. They'll also be posted on our blog. 
  • The race goes on RAIN OR SHINE, so be prepared! It looks like the weather forecast is in our favor, but bring appropriate gear just in case. 

Thanks for participating! Families in need throughout the Bay Area will be grateful for your contribution to the SF & Marin Food Bank. Ride safely and see you this weekend!


The Supermarket Street Sweep Team 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: MSC Customs

We stopped by the new Bay Area location of MSC Customs, a bike and apparel company that hails from NYC. Located on Telegraph Avenue near UC Berkeley, you'll be dazzled by the gallery-like storefront that showcases their customizable single-speed bikes, clothing and components!

They donated one of their full reflective jackets and two flash pack reflective race day t-shirts. Thanks, guys -- we're happy to have you onboard as a new sponsor this year!

New Sponsor Spotlight: BAGGU

Born out of a designer's dilemma for an eco-conscious way to bring home groceries, NY-based BAGGU is one of this year's new SMSW sponsors. More than just shopping bags, BAGGU bags now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they've donated a generous array of prizes showing off that diversity. With a design office near the SF-Marin Food Bank in the Dog Patch, BAGGU was excited to sponsor us this year.

From their genuine leather signature bag, to key fobs, nylon backpacks, packable grocery totes, to a beautiful canvas duffle, you'll be runway-ready on your next trip to NY or to the grocery store. Check out their entire assortment over at

Thanks to their ever talented in-house designer Joe for making this happen. And if you're Brooklyn, check out his awesome window vinyl at their store on Wythe Ave.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Shimano

The fine folks at Shimano have showered us with a TON of great tools -- and one stellar pump -- to give away this year. Thanks so much!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sponsor Spotlight: Pedal Revolution, Selle San Marco, Mission Bicycle, Plemons Co.

Even though Pedal Revolution is a non-profit operating on a strapped budget, they always graciously donate some of the most useful and generous prizes to our event. We really feel bonded with this shop and their commitment to our community.

Another local friend, Mission Bicycle has been churning out customized bicycles from their Mission shop since 2008. Every year we count on them for a swanky gift bag.

One of the highlights of organizing this event is getting a special delivery from Italy, a box of beautiful, elegant Selle San Marco saddles. Our friend Federico is truly charming and is always happy to send us a jealousy-inducing box of goodies.

Last but never least, local one-man show Casey Plemons also generously donates some of his handmade Plemons Co. footstraps. They are gorgeous from top-to bottom. He developed a neat new product this year, mudflaps which we'll be giving away.